Green Wave News · Meet Green Wave Student-Athlete Jillian Baldis

Athlete Name:  Jillian Baldis

Sports(s) played at Gallatin HS:   Soccer, Track

Names of Family members:  Lindsey Nolen (mother)

What is your most favorite memory in your sport?

My Freshmen year, we won the DCA Tournament, and it was a great achievement for us.

Who has influenced you the most as an athlete?

Coach Harper and my Uncle have influenced me most to try and be the best I can be for my team and my family.

Who are your role models?

My Mom is my role because of all the things she balances on her own to take care of our family.

What college(s) would you like to attend?

I would like to go to the University of Alabama at Birmingham for Physical Therapy.

What is your proudest academic/school related achievement?

My proudest school related achievement was making it to state in track last year.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I hope to see myself happy wherever I am. I’d like to hope that I have a good job.

What is your favorite class? Who is your favorite teacher? Why?

I love Theatre because I love to act and have a good time making memories in there. My favorite teacher is Mr. Van Dyke because he makes learning so much fun and easier to retain the info.

What fact about you would surprise people to know?

I’m a member of the National Honor Society

What would be your dream vacation?

My dream vacation is to travel Europe and explore the art and history

What does Green Wave Pride mean to you?

Green Wave Pride means the world to me. It’s sacred, it’s a community, it’s a family and it’s a home. It is putting your all in to represent something bigger than yourself, win, lose, or tie. It’s being proud of where you’re from and who you stand for.